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Despite being the youngest member in the ONE (SINGAPORE) Executive Committee, ShuQi has a keen interest in sustainability and chronic poverty issues. When she is not striving for a career in public relations, ShuQi enjoys contributing by-line articles for ONE (SINGAPORE), and implementing refreshing communications ideas to generate greater awareness and engagement among the charity’s target audiences.

Since her varsity days, ShuQi was an AIESEC cultural envoy on a sustainable development project in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as a Make Poverty History road trip ambassador with Oaktree Foundation across Australia. Back in Singapore, ShuQi is a catalyst with The Chain Reaction Project, and participates in hands-on overseas projects on an annual basis.

“Why do I support ONE (SINGAPORE)? Because ONE (SINGAPORE) is a firm believer of the international Make Poverty History campaign, which has the power to unite people from different backgrounds and interests with a common message to end poverty.”

“The World We Want should be a world that allows people the freedom of choice – rights to live and achieve their fullest potential by having full access to essential resources like education, health and food.”


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