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Nur Fikri is currently working as ONE (SINGAPORE)’s Office Manager. Having recently completed her A-levels at Raffles Institution, Fikri has participated in a wide variety of co-curricular activities, ranging from debate to fencing to drama, but her strength and passion has always been in community service. She initiated the RGS ONE Chapter in 2008 and served as a member of the RI(JC) ONE Chapter in 2009, during which she helped organise a Make Poverty History Banquet as part of the 2nd Raffles Community Leaders Forum. In 2010, she organised a NETS for NETS sports and family carnival to raise awareness about MDG#6 as well as funds to deliver mosquito nets to a malaria-stricken area in Asia.

“I believe in the power of the collective voice,” says Fikri “which is why I joined ONE (SINGAPORE) and am interested in advocacy work in general. I hope to become involved in social policy work in the future.”

Fikri joins the ONE (SINGAPORE) Executive Committee in 2010 as a student representative and youth liaison.


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