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Hani Mohamed was elected President of ONE (SINGAPORE) at the March 2013 Annual General Meeting. She’s the fourth person to hold this position since ONE (SINGAPORE) was founded in 2005. Hani joined ONE (SINGAPORE)’s Executive Committee in 2011 when she was elected as the society’s Secretary. In 2012, she was elected as the Executive Committee.

Hani is an Adjunct Lecturer in Media and Mass Communications and has taught at the Marketing Institute of Singapore, Monash University and Murdoch University. She has 15 years of communications experience including a career at MediaCorp Television. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a corporate training firm, which she started in December 2012.

In 2007, Hani produced a short film called “Innocence” about child trafficking and prostitution in Southeast Asia. Produced in collaboration with the Singapore Institute of International Affairs on the occasion of ASEAN’s 40-year anniversary, Hani hopes the documentary will lead Asian leaders to put a halt to this abhorrent trade.

Hani has produced two films: “Innocence”, a short film about child trafficking and prostitution in Southeast Asia and “Forest Brothel: Human Trafficking in a Borderless World”. The film captures the tragedy of sex slavery and human trafficking. It premiered at the ‘Women in the Community: Participative Leadership’ conference in 2012 at The Singapore Management University.

Hani contributes regularly to conferences on gender issues, including at a political dialogue in Berlin and at the European Commission in Brussels and most recently at SMU’s “Women in the Community: Partnerships, Paradigms and Possibilities for a Better World”.

Believing in the spirit of empowering more individuals through education, Hani has given many talks on volunteerism and she often encourages the audience to be an agent of social change. Hani participates actively in the local civil society meetings and she supports the mission of ONE (SINGAPORE) which is dedicated to raising public awareness and taking concrete actions to Make Poverty History.

Vernetta Lopez, the Past President of ONE (SINGAPORE) has this to say about Hani Mohamed at the 8th AGM, “As of today I officially step down as President and pat down the seat, to make way for a new President to take the reigns and gallop into a new frontier, to go where no President has gone before. Our President Elect is someone who is passionate, talented, vocal and is very active within her personal and professional life. And if she is elected, I am very sure she will do an excellent job at bringing ONE (SINGAPORE) forward!”


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