• What We Do

What is it?

ONE (SINGAPORE) is developing a free and publicly available online platform, which will enable Singapore citizens and residents to identify government and community assistance schemes. The Help Platform will be a one-stop shop for social schemes and make it easier for Singaporeans to apply for programmes that can assist with child and student care, disability care, elderly care, employment and training, family care, finances, infocomm, and legal aid. 

The data has been gathered, however partners are needed to complete the development phase of the project. Maintaining the platform will be an ongoing project and will also rely on volunteers.

You can access the The Help Platform data here. 

How can you help?

Partner with ONE (SINGAPORE) to make The Help Platform a reality! Can you fund this project? Can you donate your time and skills to develop the data into a functioning platform? Please contact us today.
Why are we doing it?

Researchers estimate that some 387,000 Singaporeans are unable to meet basic needs in the form of food, shelter, clothing and other essential expenditures.  Even more families can be pushed into poverty by high medical expenses.  

The government offers a variety of assistance schemes, both at the national and community levels. However there is no single place to go to for help. Finding information about the programmes and identifying what’s appropriate can be difficult, confusing and time-consuming. Low-income individuals already face a myriad of problems providing for their families and themselves; finding support should not be one of them.

Please help ONE (SINGAPORE) ensure that everyone can easily navigate information about assistance programmes, so they can receive the support they need.