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The "CAP" links corporate and non-profit partners in a variety of projects in support of the movement to end poverty and inequalities, while also providing 'poverty seminars' and volunteer opportunities to participants.

ONE (SINGAPORE) works with corporate partners to educate stakeholders and facilitate community engagement. Training sessions encourage participants to examine the demographics and causes of poverty as well as possible solutions. Employees also assist and empower impoverished communities in a variety of activities in support of the Sustainable Development Goals and the movement to end poverty and inequalities.

ONE (SINGAPORE) will engage your employees in a community activity and place their contribution in context, through an interactive examination of poverty in Singapore and overseas. Choose between one of the following volunteer activities below.

For either activity, ONE (SG) will also conduct a Poverty Training and/or film screening for volunteers to better understand local and global poverty issues. Raising awareness is a key first step to tackling issues of poverty and inequality. If you don't know about a problem, you can't do anything about it!

1. Corporate Day Out

Food Bundle Distribution & Home Cleaning



Volunteers will pack and deliver food bundles and clean the homes of low-income families and individuals.

Through the Not-So-Rose-Tinted Lenses

An inter-personal learning project involving sharing sessions between volunteers and low-income families and individuals. Learn more here.

Flat Painting

This involves painting the homes of low-income families and individuals.



2. Creative Activities & Forums

‘Make Poverty History’ Banquet

A role-playing activity that simulates and highlights the randomness and man-made nature of poverty.



Poverty Trainings, Discussions & Film Screenings

Inform and educate your employees on issues of poverty and inequalities through panel discussion and film screenings.



Interested in participating in our Concrete Actions Programme? Contact us here.

Past Projects: