The ONE Livelihoods Fund

The ONE Livelihoods Fund promotes livelihoods, self-reliance, entrepreneurship and training to reduce inequalities and foster well-being for vulnerable individuals and families in Singapore.


COVID-19 has impacted the livelihoods of families across Singapore. Job loss and wage cuts are common themes amongst those who seek help from ONE (SINGAPORE).

Many low-income Singaporean families also require flexible working arrangements as they must care for children and aged parents at home.

The ONE Livelihoods Fund supports Decent Work by providing support to low-income workers and vulnerable families in Singapore, enabling them to earn their own livelihood or obtain better-paying employment.

Assistance Provided

  • Provision of new e-bikes for delivery workers (or those entering the trade)
  • E-bike repair for delivery personnel
  • Training and course fees (programmes not covered by existing government grants)
  • Equipment for home-based businesses


1. How can I help?

Please give today to the ONE Livelihoods Fund and spread the word, so that more people know about this programme.

2. I know someone who needs assistance. Can you help?

ONE (SINGAPORE) welcomes new partners – including schools, grassroots organisations and family service centres – to refer cases for assistance.

We also welcome direct requests, supported by references. Please note though that applications submitted by a social worker or other professional reference are processed more quickly.

3. How do I apply for assistance? Can you help?

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If you don’t have a Google account, don’t worry! Please click this link to apply.

Are you having trouble with the online form? Please email us to request a Word document.