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Vernetta Lopez’s speech as outgoing President of ONE (SINGAPORE)

15 Mar 2013

This is our 8th AGM and I’m very proud of where ONE (SINGAPORE) is now.

It’s been such a pleasure watching the society grow with its different events and benchmarks. We’ve identified our strengths and continue to do what our mission requires: to spread awareness and take concrete actions to Make Poverty History.

And we’ve progressed in our mission through various film series’, through dialogue sessions where we’ve had luminaries join our panel like Mdm Yacob Ibrahim, Bridget Tan and Braema Mathi.

And through 2 different benchmarks to make a tangible difference in peoples’ lives. Our Everyone Can Warehouse Sale where everyone was invited to purchase a list of items for our designated charity, and our One Singapore Food Drive where droves of cars with generous citizens helped us to raise several thousands of dollars worth of food for the needy.

Our efforts have also grown with the help of amazing corporate partners who have demonstrated an amazing CSR spirit. Like Schneider Electric, Lenovo, GPS Azea and Dimension Data, Pernod Ricard to name a few, especially so through CAP, our Corporate Adoption Program.

My role with ONE (SINGAPORE) has been a small but meaningful one and I’m not being self-effacing. Nope. Because I’ve been working with a team of truly amazing, hard working, self-sacrificing, passionate, earnest, exceptional, impassioned, fun bunch of people, who have made every event meaningful, and given so much of their time, and truly their personal lives, to make every event that ONE (SINGAPORE) does, count.

It’s been my absolute honor to be a part of this and having been President for 5 years, I feel it is time to pass the baton onward, to keep the spirit growing with fresh ideas, new inspirations and perspectives.

So as of today I officially step down as President and pat down the seat, to make way for a new President to take the reigns and gallop into a new frontier, to go where no President has gone before.

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Our President Elect is someone who is passionate, talented, vocal and is very active within her personal and professional life. And if she is elected, I am very sure she will do an excellent job at bringing ONE (SINGAPORE) forward!

I will still be an active volunteer and member of ONE (SINGAPORE) especially so with my links within the media.

I would like to especially thank Michael Switow, Co-Founder of ONE (SINGAPORE), his invaluable advice, amazing persistence, incredible integrity and never dying innate spirit to help. And that goes for the Exco as well.

I really wish to thank the Exco for putting up with me, for allowing me to take us into new projects and different directions, and for supporting me in so many ways. I apologize for anything that I may have done wrong. I truly am grateful for your partnership and amazing energy and spirit. And I wish you a continuing and fruitful journey towards Making Poverty History.

Thank you and have a great 2013!

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