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Pilates for Good: ONE (SINGAPORE) Partners with PushPullGive

Some fifteen socially-minded exercise enthusiasts gathered in the Singapore Botanic Gardens recently for a charity pilates event in support of ONE (SINGAPORE)’s $10 Campaign.

The event - organised on Saturday 28 May by PushPullGive, a social enterprise startup that fuses fitness and health activities with community initiatives - raised more than S$250.

“We were excited to partner with ONE (SINGAPORE) because we know that poverty is a real problem, but one that we can all help to address,” says Konrad Haedicke, one of PushPullGive’s co-founders. “Our social enterprise aims to push individuals to be socially active, pull them out of their comfort zones and offer opportunities to give back to society.”

Partnerships are an important part of spreading awareness and taking concrete action on poverty and inequalities, both here in Singapore and overseas. Here are a few ways your organization can get involved in the $10 Campaign:

“The number ten of the $10 Campaign serves as a reminder that at least one in ten Singaporeans lives in poverty,” explains ONE (SINGAPORE) president Nichol Ng. “This year-long campaign aims to raise $100,000 to support an Emergency Fund as well as long-term solutions to end poverty and inequalities. Partnerships – like the one with PushPullGive – are a key component of the campaign to Make Poverty History. Please join us in this campaign!”

If you have ideas about how your organization might partner with ONE (SINGAPORE), please contact us at info@onesingapore.org.


It’s simple!
  1. Take a photo of what you can do with $10.
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  3. Contribute to the $10 Campaign.
  4. Challenge a friend to Take the $10 Challenge!
The $10 Campaign takes a two-pronged approach to addressing poverty in Singapore.  First, it finances the creation of an Emergency Fund to support our neighbours-in-need.  Second, it funds research & advocacy to create long-term solutions to eradicate poverty, ensure that no one in Singapore is left behind and that everyone in our nation can live with dignity.


ONE (SINGAPORE) is excited to announce the online launch of the $10 Campaign!  The number 10 serves as a constant reminder that at least one in ten Singaporeans lives in poverty.  The year-long campaign will raise awareness of poverty and inequalities in Singapore.  It will also raise funds to generate short-term and long-term solutions to poverty through a two-pronged approach.  Proceeds support an Emergency Fund for low-income families as well as research and advocacy efforts.
Most Singaporeans living in poverty are employed and either face barriers to accessing government assistance, or the assistance they do receive is insufficient.  Often, urgent needs go unmet.  The Emergency Fund created by the $10 Campaign assists low-income families with essential everyday expenses, like milk formula, diapers or a ride to work on public transport.  Research and advocacy help create long-term solutions to end poverty and inequalities.  Research is essential to identify social and policy gaps.  Advocacy enables us to raise awareness and take action to fill the gaps. 
There are many ways you can get take action to support the $10 Campaign:
ONE (SINGAPORE) looks forward to working with you to create solutions to poverty and inequalities in Singapore.  Together, we can Make Poverty History. 

 ONE (SINGAPORE) looks forward to working with you to create solutions to poverty and inequality in Singapore. Together, we can Make Poverty History.