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Earthquake in Nepal – How can you help?

28 Apr 2015
Photo credits: Omar Havana/Getty Images

The death toll is 7,000 and rising.   The 7.8 magnitude earthquake – Nepal’s worst in 80 years – has affected communities in 30 districts as well as people in India, China and Bangladesh.  Families are without shelter and other essentials.  Several agencies are providing emergency assistance on the ground; others will work with Nepalese communities to rebuild.  However, due to the devastation and lack of proper facilities and equipment, rescue operations at the moment are slow.

Two ways you can help:

  1. Little Sisters Fund

ONE (SINGAPORE) has worked with the Little Sisters Fund for many years to provide scholarships to girls from economically-disadvantaged families in Nepal.  While phone connections are down, LSF is still trying to verify the status of the Little Sisters and alumni throughout the country,

LSF has set up a Little Sisters Fund Earthquake Recovery Support site to support relief efforts for the Little Sisters, their families and partner schools affected by the quake. 100% of donations to this fund will go directly to these beneficiaries. The funds will be dispersed in accordance with need by an oversight team of Little Sisters Fund administrators, School Coordinators, and parents. Support their efforts here.

You can also read LSF’s post-earthquake updates here.

  1. See Change Foundation

You can also donate to See Change Foundation which is providing emergency assistance to survivors in Lamjung, the district in the epicentre of the earthquake. Their relief efforts include assessing damages and needs of nearby communities, conducting blood donation drives, setting up temporary housing units and transporting the injured to community hospitals. Click here to donate.

Updates on their relief efforts can be found here.

If you wish to find out more about other aid agencies carrying out relief and aid efforts in Nepal, refer to the link here.

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