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Migrant workers and The Cuff Road Project: Dialogue session

8 Sept 2010 (1)
Migrant workers come to Singapore to escape poverty in their own countries, but upon arrival many find themselves in dire straits – without work and a place to live. Some have been cheated by rogue employment agents and scammed by companies, arriving in Singapore only to find that a promised job doesn’t exist. Others are injured and can not work. And still others have gone long periods without receiving the wages owed them.

ONE (SINGAPORE) facilitated an engaging dialogue with Ministry of Manpower Deputy Director Kandhavel Periyasamy and Debbie Fordyce, the coordinator of The Cuff Road Project. Speaking from the floor, several TCRP participants also shared their stories.

8 Sept 2010 (2)

Speaker: Debbie Fordyce is the Coordinator of The Cuff Road Project, a joint initiative of ONE (SINGAPORE) and TWC2. The Cuff Road Project has served more than 170,000 restaurant meals to homeless and jobless migrant workers in safe, clean environments where they can eat with dignity. Debbie helped start this programme two years ago and has since assisted many of the men in meetings with doctors, lawyers and government agencies.

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