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Fika Swedish Café & Bistro

Have lunch at Fika Swedish Café and Bistro

and help out a family-in-need!

Fika Swedish Café & Bistro

Enjoy Fika’s lunch set which includes authentic Swedish dishes such as Pannbiff (homemade beef patties, yum!) and Tunnbrodsrulle (classic bread roll with mashed potatoes, grilled sausages) complete with a soup and dessert. All proceeds from set lunches and tea time specials will be donated to ONE (SINGAPORE) and used to purchase supermarket vouchers for our neighbours-in-need.

  • Where: Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro at OneKM Mall
  • Address: #02-K3, OneKM, 11 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437157

J’s Restaurant

J’s Restaurant

The Little Sisters Fund

Little Sisters Fund Documentary from Little Sisters Fund on Vimeo.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, J’s Restaurant organises a luncheon where lunch is on them! Guests are welcome to pay whatever they like and all proceeds are donated to ONE (SINGAPORE)’s MDG Fund. In turn, ONE (SINGAPORE) has supported the Little Sisters Fund, which enables girls in Nepal to stay in school. Not only do the girls receive an education, they are also less susceptible to child labour, child marriage and human trafficking.

Thanks to the support of J’s Restaurant, its patrons and friends, ONE (SINGAPORE) has been able to ensure that 24 girls stay in school.


  • 2013 – J’s Restaurant supports the education of 8 girls in a rural area of Nepal for one year!
  • 2014 – J’s Restaurant and its friends triple their support to sponsor the education of 24 girls for one year!

For more information about ONE (SINGAPORE)’s Concrete Actions Programme, please contact us at info@


The Little Sisters Fund provides scholarships for economically disadvantaged girls in Nepal.  Since it was started in 1998, LSF has assisted more than 1450 girls, many of whom have become mentors, after graduating, for younger ‘little sisters’.

Since 2013, J’s Restaurant has supported the education of girls through LSF’s School Scholarship programme, which pays for tuition, school supplies, uniforms and books for girls in semi-private and government schools.  The first 8 girls sponsored by J’s Restaurant are in Primary 3 – 6 at Shree Bhawani Higher Secondary School in Kakani, Nuwakot, Nepal.

ONE (SINGAPORE) and its partners first supported LSF in 2008, providing a long-term sponsorship for a girl who still corresponds with Singapore youth.


J’s Restaurant and its predecessor, El Toro, have collaborated with ONE (SINGAPORE) to host discussion sessions and events.  Social entrepreneurs and corporate leaders joined a panel to discuss whether businesses “can do well and do good” at the same time.  On another occasion, El Toro held a dinner for volunteers from The Cuff Road Project and TWC2 to thank them for their work.  J’s dedication to women’s issues is not limited to The Little Sisters Fund; a sister company, Joy Ventures, has also organised events to celebrate women.

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Project FRENS – Support Disadvantaged Students

THANK YOU for pledging to support disadvantaged students in Singapore!

Your donation will support a programme called “Project FRENS” which provides low-income students with essential pocket money and aims to break the cycle of dependency by connecting them with mentors and motivational programmes. Project participants are generally at risk of dropping out from school or have already dropped out due to financial constraints.

In addition to one-to-one mentoring and group sessions, there will also be a string of fun developmental activities such as camp, gigs and sports, which are based on the children’s strengths and interests.

Project FRENS - Support Disadvantaged Students

The Boon Fund

The Boon Fund

The Boon Fund

Wong Heng Boon
1979 – 2011

The Boon Fund was created in 2012 by Aquaint Property Ltd (formerly Azea Property Investment), in collaboration with ONE (SINGAPORE), to honour the memory of Wong Heng Boon.

Known as Boon to those close to him, Wong Heng Boon, a pioneer of Azea Property Investment, died in 2011 at the age of 32 after a fall. Aquaint Property has so far pledged $30,000 to ONE (SINGAPORE)’s Corporate Adoption Programme to support beneficiary programmes and the ONE (SINGAPORE) campaign to Make Poverty History.

Projects funded to date include a shelter for abused migrant workers and victims of human trafficking in Singapore as well as a programme that provides milk to disadvantaged children in Indian slums. 

If you would like to support The Boon Fund, please contact us at


Care & Share, a community based nonprofit operating in the slums of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, India, characterizes its humanitarian work as a ‘drop in the ocean’ of poverty and destitution. Its milk programme not only aids nutrition, it also entices children to come to school.

Aquaint Property’s donation has funded the purchase and distribution of over 100,000 glasses of milk to impoverished children living in the slums of Vijayawada, India in Andhra Pradesh.

The programme ran from June 2012 till July 2013.


HOME – the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics — assists abused and exploited migrant workers in Singapore, many of whom are also victims of human trafficking. Aquaint Property’s donation helped provide food and shelter to thirty migrants for one month and skills training for an additional twelve people.


Aquaint is also committed to supporting ONE (SINGAPORE)’s mission to raise public awareness and take concrete actions to Make Poverty History and create The World We Want, a just world where no one is poor.

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Volunteer Outing with UHC

Members of the United Hebrew Congregation volunteered with #ONEsg and The Food Bank Singapore on Sunday to distribute food bundles and clean the houses of beneficiaries at Moral Senior Activity Centre. Thank you for participating in our Concrete Actions Programme to Make Poverty History! 

Interested in getting involved in our Concrete Actions Programme? Write us at today!

Click here to view photos of the event.

The Cuff Road Project

Migrant workers come to Singapore to escape poverty in their own countries, but upon arrival many find themselves in dire straits – without work and a place to live. Some have been cheated by rogue employment agents and scammed by companies, arriving in Singapore only to find that a promised job doesn’t exist. Others are injured and cannot work. And still others have gone long periods without receiving the wages owed them.

The Cuff Road Project (TCRP) provides meals to these homeless and jobless migrant workers in restaurants, in a safe clean environment where the men can eat with dignity.

TCRP is co-organised by ONE (SINGAPORE) and TWC2 (Transient Workers Count Too). The programme was started in 2008 and has served more than 200,000 meals to date. Programme participants can also receive assistance with their cases from volunteers and TWC2’s community worker.

Learn more about the issues and how you can help by checking out resource pages from the radio series “Poverty No More” (Season 1 and Season 2).  And join Irene Ang and The Flying Dutchman in this episode of “One Moment of Glory” as they meet some of the men who rely on TCRP.

A Glass of Milk a Day

the glass of milk a day

By Tammy Phan

Care & Share, a community based nonprofit operating in the slums of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, India, characterizes its humanitarian work as a ‘drop in the ocean’ of poverty and destitution.

Vijaywada is one of the largest rail and road junctions in India. But illiteracy, poor diets and limited economic opportunities are the norm for much of the population in this city of 1.2 million people. Some 30% of Vijayawadans live in slums below the poverty line; more than 40% of children under the age of five are malnourished. The increased flow of commerce brings with it widespread prostitution and HIV/AIDS.

the glass of milk a day2

Enter a student community at Anglo Chinese Junior College that’s determined to Stand Up and Take Action Against Poverty. Some 800 ACJC students participated in Stand Up 2011, but in addition to raising awareness about the global poverty crisis and adding their voices to the movement to the Make Poverty History, student organisers like Yustynn Panicker and Joy Lim also wanted to support a project in a low-income community that has the power to change children’s lives.

Yustyn and his schoolmates sold ONE (SINGAPORE) Make Poverty History t-shirts and whitebands to support Care & Share. Their sales campaign raised S$424 for ONE (SINGAPORE)’s MDG Fund, which supports initiatives in Singapore and overseas that promote the fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals. Together, ONE (SINGAPORE) and ACJC selected Care & Share as the MDG Fund beneficiary and ONE (SINGAPORE) topped up the amount to be donated to S$800.

Care & Share has a number of health and education programmes in Vijaywada, but the one which caught the eye of ONE (SINGAPORE)’s MDG Fund team is an initiative that distributes milk to primary school students to offset the disastrous effects of malnutrition that is prevalent in the slums.

“We support and educate 5000 children, including 1200 orphans who have lost their parents to AIDS or other diseases,” says Care & Share founder Carol Faison. “Our main focus is finding ways to support them, because our sponsorship fees do not cover their full yearly cost. So, in the last few years, we have been receiving less funds for the milk project.”

Eight hundred dollars may not sound like a lot, but at a cost of less than S$1 per litre, this donation will purchase nearly 5300 cups of milk for primary school children at the Kandrika and Rajarajeswari Literacy Centres, which are located in Vijayawada slums. That’s enough to provide 220 children with a nutritious glass almost every day in February (for 24 days).

“Care & Share is a valuable partner in the fight against extreme poverty and hunger as well as promotion of university primary education. Providing school children with a glass of milk every day is a simple concept that can effectively improve their nutrition and ability to learn,” says Michael Switow, co-founder of ONE (SINGAPORE).

“The help ONE (SINGAPORE) has extended to us is more than precious to extend this vital food addition to the diet of these kids,” adds Carol. “The nutrition children receive (at a young age) has a great impact on their total growth.”

This contribution is the second time that ONE (SINGAPORE) has supported Care & Share’s milk programme. Following the 2008 Stand Up Take Action campaign, ONE (SINGAPORE) donated S$2520, enough at that time to fund the programme for four weeks and purchase 28,000 cups of milk. To date, ONE (SINGAPORE), with the help of ACJC and corporate partners, has provided 33,280 cups of milk to Care & Share’s children.

Every ONE drop of kindness matters.

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“My net protected a family from malaria.  What is your net worth?”

That’s the slogan on a t-shirt designed by RIJC students as part of a campaign to raise awareness about malaria and funds to buy and distribute nets.  A second shirt shows an ex-ed out mosquito; underneath is written “Wanted Dead”.

The shirt sales – as well as other proceeds from the first RIJC “NETS for NETS” carnival – are being used to support a Malaria Control Programme along the Thai-Burmese border. The programme is organised by Child’s Dream & Diversethics. This is the second time ONE (SINGAPORE) is collaborating with these charities.

nets for nets
nets for nets1
nets for nets2

Every ONE Can

A very simple concept that goes a long way to lend a helping hand to those in our community who need it. Every ONE Can is a grocery warehouse sale with a difference. Patrons can shop all they want at wholesale prices, but first, they must make a purchase for donation.  Previous beneficiaries include Evercare Welfare Centre, Food from the Heart, New Hope Community Services, Project Kyrie and Willing Hearts.  We generally fill up at least one delivery truck with donated goods. In 2014, let’s do even better!

Social enterprises and charities — like Ai-Funan, Gift and Take, the Mother and Child Project and TWC2, among others — set up booths to promote their goods and raise awareness of their causes, which means there are always great gift opportunities as well.

Every ONE Can started in 2009 and is organised in collaboration with FoodXervices. EOC 2014 was the seventh such event in five years.  For those who were unable to come down to the warehouse on the day of the event, there was an online portal for food purchases.

Every ONE Can feeds a hungry person.
Every ONE Can Stand Up and Make a Difference.
Every ONE Can Make Poverty History!

Every ONE Can Beneficiaries