Poverty No More – Episodes 9 & 10 (Season 2) – Give Credit Where Credit’s Due

Episodes #9 and #10

(30-31 July 2011)

A few weeks back we touched on topics like corporate social responsibility and adopting a CAP (Corporate Adoption Program) type of lifestyle. More and more organizations are getting into the rhythm of being socially conscious but not many of them have the resources or media buzz to get their community involvement project running. So in Season 2 Poverty No More we  pay homage to organisations that often go unnoticed while doing great work in the community.   In particular, this week we take a closer look at some of our partners for the Radio Gives Back project.


Episode 09 :  “Talking Dollars and Sense”

Episode 10 :  Organisations and Corporate Social Reponsibility


Maybank and Central CDC are collaborating on a programme called “Talking Dollars and Sense” that aims to break the poverty cycle by offering financial education and incentives to save.  Click here to find out when’s the next workshop!

Additional Resources:


  • 9-inc uses role playing games to teach young children how to save money.
  • The community arts group Social Creatives also paints one-room flats. They’re partnering with ONE (SINGAPORE) to offer a fresh coat of paint to the homes of the Radio Gives Back families.
  • The Upper Room @ El Toro is opening its doors to offer each RGB family a night out. El Toro also opens its doors every Friday evening to community and youth groups.
  • ECO Singapore is organising Energy Audits to help families save money and fight climate change at the same time.

If you know of an organization or social enterprise that’s doing great work, please tell us about them.  Email us or paste a comment on our Facebook page.

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