Poverty No More – Episodes 3 & 4 – Change at Two Levels

Episodes #03 and #04

(10-11 July 2010)

In the second week of “Poverty No More” we take a look at a big picture idea and local level action. When the right policies are put in place, they can improve the lives of millions, if not billions, of people around the globe. At the same time, each of us can take action in our own communities – or overseas – to make the world a better place.

Learn more about the Robin Hood Tax and watch a great short animated video about the campaign.

Sign a global petition calling for the G20 to endorse the Robin Hood Tax.

Discover community opportunities at Concern.sg

Check out Singapore Can Speak and their follow-up campaign, Singapore Can Do.


Episode 03 : Robin Hood Tax

Episode 04 : Local Actions


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