Poverty No More – Episodes 25 & 26 (Season 2) – The Conclusion

Episodes #25 and #26

(25-26  September 2011)

If you knew you could not fail what would you do?”

You may have heard it said countless times that the sky’s the limit, yet everyday many of us limit our thinking and potential to the norm.  We fear failure or equate fame with success.  But what if you knew it was impossible to fail, what would you do then?


Episode 25:  Envisoning A Better World

Episode 26:  Overview and Conclusion


Over the past three months of “Poverty No More” we have shared stories with you of people like

But we’ve also met people and programmes that are making a real difference in people’s lives, like

  • * Uncle Tony Tay who founded Willing Hearts, which provides free meals to some 2000 people every day (unfortunately the number has risen since we first recorded this segment)
  • * the Party Against Poverty which traveled to Thailand to deliver medicine and vitamins to refugee children
  • * and the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, which has successfully campaigned for critical policies like debt cancellation and better aid.

In every corner of the globe — and right here at home — there are heroes campaigning for their communities, providing essential services and advocating for The World We Want, a just world where no one is poor.

So how would YOU live your life differently if you knew you could not fail?
Try it! Write down your goals and see where it takes you.



ONE (SINGAPORE) is dedicated to raising public awareness and taking concrete actions to Make Poverty History.  ONE (SINGAPORE) partners with Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) on The Cuff Road Project to assist homeless and jobless migrant workers in Singapore; Radio Gives Back and the Every ONE Can campaign assist local neighbors in need. (The next Every ONE Can is on Saturday 29 October in support of Willing Hearts!)

ONE (SINGAPORE) also links corporate and non-profit partners in a variety of projects in support of the Millennium Development Goals and the movement to end poverty and inequality.  Find out more about our Corporate Adoption Programme.

We are an all-volunteer member-driven organisation.  Please join us!

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