Poverty No More – Episodes 23 & 24 – Stand Up Take Action Against Poverty

Episodes #23 and #24

(18-19 September 2010)
This week on Poverty No More, it’s time to STAND UP and TAKE ACTION. 17 – 19 September are the dates for the world’s largest social mobilisation, Stand Up Take Action Against Poverty. On Saturday, we’ll take the Stand Up pledge together; on Sunday, we’ll take a closer look at why 173 million people have raised their voices, asking world leaders to honour their commitments to end poverty.

Official Stand Up website: standagainstpoverty.org
Facebook group

Stand Up Pledge
We stand here proudly as members of the generation that intends to defeat extreme poverty and restore balace to the environment.
To the leaders of the world, we say:
Be great. Fight to keep your promises. Combat extreme poverty. Create fair economic and financial systems. Be transparent and accountable.
You know what needs to be done. Do it.
Act now to meet and exceed the Millennium Development Goals.
Adopt a global climate deal that is ambitious, fair and binding
We will Stand Up not just today, but EVERY DAY to demand what’s right.
The Millennium Development Goals were signed IN MY NAME.
Each of us has a responsibility.
Each of us can make a difference.
We are six billion voices.
End Poverty and Inequality Now!”

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