Poverty No More – Episodes 23 & 24 (Season 2) – Overseas Projects with Local Links

Episodes #23 and #24

(17-18  September 2011)

This weekend we take a look at two overseas projects that ONE (SINGAPORE) is supporting and which have Singaporean links.  Set in Mae Sot, Thailand, the Room to Grow houses a close-knit community of ‘unparented’ refugee children. Fleeing their own country due to political unrest, they are faced with a new challenge, malnutrition.  And in Nepal, the Little Sisters Fund provides long-term scholarships for economically disadvantaged girls, who would otherwise be more susceptible to the exploitation of child labour and sex trafficking.


Episode 23:  Room to Grow

Episode 24:  Little Sisters Fund

Local Connections

Singaporean photographers Debby Ng and Edwin Koo document the lives of several LSF beneficiaries in their book, Life of My Sisters. Here are two images from their book:

Local Connections
Photo Credit: Debby Ng and Edwin Koo, photographers with asia! magazine from their book, Life of my Sisters

Debby and Edwin continue to stay in touch with students there, mentoring them on creativity, critical thinking and photography.  ONE (SINGAPORE) meanwhile has been sponsoring Dipshika Kapar since 2008.  She’s now in primary six and would like to be a  doctor someday. As part of the LSF project, Dipshika is corresponding with students in Singapore.

Room to Grow meanwhile was brought to ONE (SINGAPORE)’s attention by an informal group called “Party Against Poverty” that traveled to Thailand to check out the situation firsthand and then raised funds to assist the children.

Birthday Celebrations!

Join the “Forgotten Birthdays Party” at the Agape Orphanage and Boarding House on 29 October, when Room to Grow celebrates the birthdays of children who don’t know when they are born. There is music, dancing, songs, games and a cake for every child. Despite being orphaned and refugees, R2G makes this day totally special and all about the kids. A group from Singapore is traveling to Mae Sot to join the celebration. If you would like to attend – or help support one of R2G’s programmes – let us know!

EPISODE #23 RESOURCES – Room to Grow

EPISODE #24 RESOURCES – Little Sisters’ Fund

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