Poverty No More – Episodes 21 & 22 – MDG #8 Debt and Aid

Episodes #21 and #22

(11-12 September 2010)

Regular listeners of this series know that 10 years ago, world governments signed on to a plan to halve extreme poverty by 2015 and eliminate it altogether by 2025. They set out eight Millennium Development Goals. The first seven goals focus on actions that need to be taken in poverty-stricken areas – ending hunger, universal access to education, improved sanitation, clean water and more. Goal #8, though – a call for a Global Partnership for Development – is different. This goal focuses on actions that need to be taken by rich countries. This week on Poverty No More, we take a look at two such actions that could make a world of difference for low-income communities – canceling old debts and providing more and better aid.



The ONE – USA website has several pages with useful resources on these topics, including:

Tell world leaders that you care:  Stand Up and Take Action Against Poverty!

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