Poverty No More – Episodes 19 & 20 – MDG #1 and MDG #2

Episodes #19 and #20

(4-5 September 2010)

This week on “Poverty No More”, we focus on two key elements of the Millennium Development Goals: fighting hunger and promoting universal education. In Episode 19, we examine hunger in the local community . . . as well as organisations that are working with people and families in need. In Episode 20, we look at the links between education and development. We also share ways in which you can make a difference.


Organisations Focused on Local Hunger:

If you know someone who needs assistance, refer them to a local charity or call the Comcare Hotline at 1-800-222-0000.

Volunteer Opportunity: Collect unsold bread from bakeries and deliver it to welfare centres and families in need. ContactFood from the Heart.

And on Saturday 16 October, please join ONE (SINGAPORE) for our third “Every ONE Can” charity warehouse sale at FoodXervices and go shopping for a cause!  Buy food at wholesale prices and below. You can shop for your family and friends, but first, please buy a food basket for our neighbors in need. Proceeds will be distributed by the Evercare Welfare Centre.



Organisations Making a Difference


Research for Episode 20 was contributed by ShuQi Liu.

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