Poverty No More – Episodes 15 & 16 (Season 2) – Homelessness

Episodes #15 and #16

(20-21 August 2011)

We may not see it every day, but there are families living amongst us who do not have a home to go to at night. Some sleep on void decks or at the beach, others bounce from one friend or relative’s place to another. There’s no single reason why someone loses their home. It could be because of a lost job, family issues or even a pregnancy. In Saturday’s episode, we share with you a true account of a courageous woman and her young daughter who don’t fit the stereotype. On Sunday, we take a look at trends and share some advice offered by a woman who has been through this.

If you know of somebody who needs help please refer to our resources below for more details.


Episode 15 :  Homelessness in Singapore – A True Story

Episode 16 :  Homelessness in Singapore – What Can You Do?


Lend A Helping Hand

If you of someone or a family who needs help, please encourage them to touch base with these  three MCYS-sanctioned homeless shelters:

For those who need social or financial assistance, please call ComCare at 1800-2220000

For those who would like to volunteer or lend a listening ear, please call AWARE hotline at 1-800-774-5935

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