Poverty No More – Episodes 13 & 14 – Homelessness

Episodes #13 and #14

(14-15 August 2010)

This week on “Poverty No More”, we turn our attention to homelessness. We may not see it every day, but there are families living amongst us who do not have a home to go to at night. Some sleep on void decks or at the beach, others bounce from one friend or relative’s place to another. There’s no single reason why someone loses their home. It could be because of a lost job, family issues or even a pregnancy. Join us as we share the stories of several homeless people as well as information about agencies that can assist.


Episode 13 : Homelessness – Part 1

Episode 14 : Homelessness – Part 2


There are currently two homeless shelters in Singapore –  New Hope Community Services and Lakeside Family Centre.  A third shelter should open soon.

Where to call in an emergency?

  • Comcare Hotline 1–800-222-0000
  • Family Service Centre Hotline 1–800–838–0100

More Resources – Organisations that can help

Stories referred to in the programme

Media Coverage

There have been a number of articles in the mainstream and online media about homelessness.  Here are just a few:

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