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Post-2015 Development Framework

What should come after the MDGs expire in 2015?

Since 2000, the Millennium Development Goals have provided a global framework for improving the lives of millions of impoverished children, women and men. Significant progress has been made in terms of poverty reduction, reduction of child and maternal mortality and increased access to education. But much remains to be done. As we press hard to achieve all eight goals by 2015, we must also ensure that there is an agreed path forward to create The World We Want. In addition, over the past fifteen years, new challenges have emerged. In most countries, inequality has increased sharply. Environmental sustainability is under threat. Good governance is undermined by vested interests.

As we approach the end of the Millennium Developments Goals, the challenge is to develop a new framework, building on the opportunities and robustly addressing the challenges. What should the new Post 2015 framework look like, how it should be developed and how can governments, the private sector and civil society in Asia can play a strong role?

Listen to a panel discussion about the Post 2015 development framework, featuring speakers from ONE (SINGAPORE), Save the Children and UN Women Singapore. The discussion, held on 15 February 2013, was organised in collaboration with the Singapore Institute of International Affairs. Lower on this page, we also have individual audio clips of each speaker.


Michael Switow
Co-founder ONE (SINGAPORE)
GCAP Global Council Representative
Michael Switow
Michael takes a look at the success and failures of the Millennium Development Goals and provides an overview of the conversations taking place on Post 2015.

View Michael’s presentation

Michel Anglade
 Campaigns and Advocacy Director
 Save the Children
Michel Anglade
Michel shares a series of recommendations for the Post 2015 development framework that would lead to improved health for children and families worldwide.

View Michel’s presentation.

Georgette Tan
Executive Committee Member
UN Women
Georgette Tan
While UN Women has anchored a Post 2015 thematic consultation on inequalities, Georgette provides a gender perspective on what should replace the MDGs as well as some thoughts about how businesses can play a role.

Asia Development Alliance
Meeting with UN High Level Panel
Asia Development Alliance
If you were to meet the Indonesian President and High Level Panel, what is the one thing you would tell that must be part of the Post 2015 framework? Eight activists from across Asia give their answer and also share about community consultations in their countries.

Listen to them here.

MY World
A Survey about Post 2015 Priorities
MY World
Tell world leaders what YOU think should be the priorities for creating a better world. Results will be shared with world leaders as they set the next global development agenda. Your voice matters.

Post 2015 MDG Agenda
Ending Poverty in our Generation
Post 2015 MDG Agenda
Are all children given a fair chance to survive and thrive? Millions have benefited from the Millennium Development Goals, but still nearly 7 million children die each year from preventable causes. Let us build on the momentum of the MDGs, writes Michel Anglade, to create a Post 2015 framework that addresses issues of accountability, environmental sustainability, gender and inequality.

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