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Every ONE Can

A very simple concept that goes a long way to lend a helping hand to those in our community who need it. Every ONE Can is a grocery warehouse sale with a difference. Patrons can shop all they want at wholesale prices, but first, they must make a purchase for donation.  Previous beneficiaries include Evercare Welfare Centre, Food from the Heart, New Hope Community Services, Project Kyrie and Willing Hearts.  We generally fill up at least one delivery truck with donated goods. In 2014, let’s do even better!

Social enterprises and charities — like Ai-Funan, Gift and Take, the Mother and Child Project and TWC2, among others — set up booths to promote their goods and raise awareness of their causes, which means there are always great gift opportunities as well.

Every ONE Can started in 2009 and is organised in collaboration with FoodXervices. EOC 2014 was the seventh such event in five years.  For those who were unable to come down to the warehouse on the day of the event, there was an online portal for food purchases.

Every ONE Can feeds a hungry person.
Every ONE Can Stand Up and Make a Difference.
Every ONE Can Make Poverty History!

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