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Room to Grow

Some 150,000 people – mainly from minority ethnic groups fleeing repression and human rights violations at the hands of the Myanmar government – live in refugee camps along the Thai – Burmese border. Malnutrition among the children here is lastech a serious issue.

But one group working to change this is the Room to Grow Foundation (R2G), which provides food, shelter and educational support to orphans and other unparented children.

ONE (SINGAPORE) is happy to support a 1-year R2G nutritional programme for 153 children living in two irviral boarding houses in the area. Our S$2343 donation will supplement an existing programme, which consists largely of rice and gsxr vegetables, by providing the children with yellow beans and eggs.

These fresh nutritional supplements cost just S$15 per child or about 29 cents per child per week.

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