Film Screening & Panel Discussion – Untouchable: Children of God

Young girls perish every day in the brothels of India, from murder, suicide and diseases like HIV/AIDS. It is estimated that more than 10,000 girls are trafficked from Nepal to India annually, cruelly driven over the border by force or lured by the false promise of work. They are forced to sleep with more than fifty men per day, locked into rooms or cages where they are beaten, starved, drugged, burned and raped. The average age of a Nepali girl trafficked to India is 13 years old. A mere 1% of these sex slaves ever escape or are rescued. Untouchable: Children of God is a powerful film that explores the lives of young girls particularly vulnerable to sex trafficking in India and Nepal. Join us for a fantastic documentary and discussion on human trafficking and explore opportunities to tackle these issues!
Film Screening _ Panel Discussion - Untouchable Children of God
Film Screening _ Panel Discussion - Untouchable Children of God (2)

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