The ONE Ball – Thank You to Our Sponsors

19 Aug 2013 (1)

Thank you to our Sponsors

The ONE Official Sponsor

19 Aug 2013 (2)

Official Venue Partner

19 Aug 2013 (3)

Official Events Management

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LASplash Cosmetics

19 Aug 2013 (8)

The Fabulous Baker Boy

19 Aug 2013 (11)

Fitness Buffet

19 Aug 2013 (5)


19 Aug 2013 (9)

Bread5 Studio

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Kim Robinson

19 Aug 2013 (6)

LAMC Production

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19 Aug 2013 (7)

The Studio Loft

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Daughters Of Tomorrow

19 Aug 2013 (14)

ONE (SINGAPORE) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising public awareness and taking concrete actions to Make Poverty History and create The World We Want, a just world where no one is poor. Our initiatives include public forums, film screenings, food aid projects and ‘Concrete Action Programmes’ that link individuals and companies with organisations working to assist and empower impoverished communities.

ONE (SINGAPORE) is currently funded by the ad-hoc generosity and goodwill of our supporters. You can help us have a greater impact. Please click here for more information and details on sponsorship packages.

Please click here for more details on sponsorship packages.
With a stronger foundation and your kind support, we can do more to achieve our goals of raising awareness and taking concrete action to Make Poverty History.

For more information on Sponsorships, please contact Cynthia at

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