Post-2015 Panel Discussion

Since 2000, the Millennium Development Goals have provided a global framework for improving the lives of millions of poor children, women and men. Significant progress has been made in terms of poverty reduction, reduction of child and maternal mortality and increased access to education. But much remains to be done.

As we press hard to achieve all eight goals by 2015, we must also ensure that there is an agreed path forward to create The World We Want.  In addition, over the past fifteen years, new challenges have emerged.  In most countries, inequality has increased sharply. Environmental sustainability is under threat. Good governance is undermined by vested interests.

Yet opportunities are there.  We can create a world where no child dies from preventable causes, every girl and boy goes to school, communities are free from the threat of  violence and poverty is no more.  Asia’s achievements over the last decades may already be charting a course.

As we approach the end of the Millennium Developments Goals, the challenge is now to develop a new framework, building on the opportunities and robustly addressing the challenges.

This panel discussion and dinner, jointly organised by ONE (SINGAPORE), the Asia Regional Office of Save the Children and the Singapore Institute of International Affairs offers an opportunity to examine what the new post-2015 framework should look like, how it should be developed and how governments, the private sector and civil society in Asia can play a strong role.


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