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29 July 2011

Peace Boat docks at Mumbai port,2004

Ahoy, me Hearties! ONE (SINGAPORE) is excited to welcome the Peace Boat to Singapore on FRIDAY 29 July 2011!  This Japanese NGO is dedicated to creating a peaceful and better world for all.  And its visit to Singapore coincides with the launch of Social Creatives’ first Museum Store in Millenia Walk.  Join us for a fun and meaningful day, painting murals with volunteers from the Peace Boat.  Expect some celebrity appearances.  And be sure to check out the amazing photos that the Peace Boat is bringing with them.  We’re also excited to collaborate on this project with Class 95!

Start right here by creating The World YOU Want!

Step 1

Pre-event:  Your photos of The World We Want!

“Create a better world, create The World We Want – what does it mean to you?”  Class 95 invites YOU to submit your TWWW photo to its Facebook Page. For example, a photo holding your bicycle in the air (For a Green World) or Hands holding grains of rice (Food for Everyone) or Water in a bucket (water conservation and recycling). For some more ideas, click here. Starting: 25 July 2011

Step 2

During the event – Be part of the Mural Paintings!

Do you have something important to say about PEACE and The World We Want?  Head on down to the Social Creatives Museum @ Millennia Walk and join with the Peace Boat’s volunteers to help us paint two murals:  one will stay in Singapore, the other will be carried to other ports along the Peace Boat’s global voyage where volunteers will add to it.  The Peace Boat will bring this one back to Singapore next April during their 75th Global Voyage!!  See where your drawing has been to spread peace!

Step 3

For one day only, view two amazing photo exhibits that the Peace Boat is bringing to town.   One exhibit –  ‘Picture This’, a global contest run by UNDP and Olympus – captures the spirit of The World We Want and highlights ways that we can achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The second exhibit features photos of post-tsunami relief and reconstruction in Japan.

“Our 73rd Global Voyage is traveling around the world to spread messages of how grateful we are for all the international support we received as well as to call for continuous attention (to the global poverty crisis),” says Peace Boat organiser Yoko Takayama.

The Peace Boat 74th Global Voyage departs Japan on 19 July and calls onto 20 ports. Sporting the ‘End Poverty 2015’ logo on the ship, their message to the world is simple – Take Action to Achieve the MDGs and create The World We Want!

“People in Japan were so moved to see so many countries — including those fighting to end poverty in their own regions — showing support to the victims of the recent disaster in Japan,” Yoko adds.  “(This is) an opportunity for us to learn that we cannot live on our own and that there is no better time than now to pay more attention to the MDGs and to take more action to end poverty worldwide.”

Event Details

  • Date: FRIDAY 29 July 2011 (NOTE NEW DATE – Due to a typhoon, the Peace Boat will arrive in Singapore on Friday, not Thursday.)
  • Time: 11am-8pm
  • Venue: Social Creatives Museum Art Space at Millenia Walk
  • Address: Millenia Walk is shopping centre located at 9 Raffles Blvd,near the Promenade MRT

Background about the Peace Boat

In 1983, as a response to the Japanese War history controversy, a group of Japanese University students initiated the first voyage to neighbouring countries to find out first -hand about the war and cultivate cultural exchanges. Their mission is to create a peaceful and better world for all.  The participants are regular citizens – many are elderly who have retired, others are young people in their 20s. Most of the staff have visited and volunteered in the tsunami-affected area prior to joining this Peace Boat mission.  Each voyage is 100 days.

About 800 passengers are expected to be on the Peace Boat when it arrives in Singapore.  The 2011 trip will publicize the Millennium Development Goals under the banner of The World We Want.

On this trip, the Peace Boat will visit a number of countries with GCAP coalitions in Asia, Europe and Latin America – including (in order of the trip):  Sri Lanka, Egypt, Italy, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Russia, Dominican Republic and Mexico. And at each stop along the way, there will be a The World We Want event and participants will add to the mural that is being started in Singapore. Despite the unfortunate tsunami disaster in Japan, the Peace Boat and their supporters are sticking to their mission to create a better world.

Additional Resource

Media Release: ONE (SINGAPORE) – PeaceBoat – 26 July 2011