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Zubi Khawaja – a member of ONE (SINGAPORE) for more than 10 years – is creating livelihood and sustainable employment projects in East Africa:

A factory in Uganda manufacturing rapid test kits to quickly detect HIV, Malaria, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis infection will generate up to 500 jobs and assist Uganda with crucial public health initiatives, potentially impacting the lives of people throughout the country.

An aquaculture project based in Lake Victoria, meanwhile, will provide sustainable livelihoods for as many as 600,000 people.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Zubi was formerly the Asia-Pacific MD for a US software company. He is a UK citizen and has worked in Singapore on an employment pass since 2002. Zubi is deeply passionate about helping to end poverty, giving back to the community and doing what he can to ensure the environmental conservation goals of the MDGs are achieved – at least in Singapore!


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