• Who We Are

Wilson Ang is the founder and president of ECO International and ECO Singapore, which challenge youth to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and embrace environmental issues in a holistic manner.

He believes the only way to create a better planet for human survivability is for every individual to take responsibility for their own actions by being more conscious about daily choices in consumption habits. He also hopes to create 10,000 green jobs by the time he turns 35.

Wilson first started ECO Singapore, which has educated some 60,000 Singaporeans since 2006 about energy conservation, climate change, biodiversity and more. There are now branches of ECO Int’l in China, Indonesia and The Philippines. ECO Germany will be opening soon.

An active campaigner for climate justice, Wilson has led youth delegations to United Nations Climate Change Conferences.

From 2002 to 2006, Wilson was an air traffic controller with the Republic of Singapore Air Force.


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