• Who We Are

“First time I heard of ONE (SINGAPORE) was through a lecturer in 2011. It went uphill from there the moment I started working for them. For a year, what started as a job turned into a full-fledged passion to work with a team whose ultimate goal was to create change and educate our peers to Make Poverty History.”

“Why do I support ONE (SINGAPORE)? They fight for the basic needs and wants that you and I have the privilege to enjoy everyday. Shouldn’t we return the favor to those who are not seen or heard?” By 2020, there will be over 5 billion internet users, with over half of them accessing the internet over handheld tablet devices and 80 billion connected devices worldwide – Forbes, 2014.

With this in mind, Thulasi, intends to use ONE (SINGAPORE)’s social platforms to rally like-minded individuals, near and far to mobilise for change. To build awareness on social causes and start conversations. Most importantly, to never underestimate how technology can change how development is done.


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