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Mrinalini Venkatachalam coordinates and executes all Public Awareness activities and Youth Initiatives at the Singapore Committee for UN Women.

Her experience of over 9 years in the non profit world has ranged from creating communications to generate awareness on mental health and improve the lives of the mentally ill through capacity building and sustainable livelihoods, to advocating accessibility and equal rights for people with disabilities through public interfaces and sign language training, and to generating awareness on Solid Waste Management through radio programmes and awareness camps at local schools and slums in India.

Her current role is to generate awareness amongst the youth and public in Singapore on often neglected women’s issues, such as the diverse roles of women in society, respect for migrant women in the house, the incidence of violence against women, trafficking of women and children and other issues that affect us all, in an environment where they can so easily be forgotten due to the affluence our country enjoys.

She joined ONE (SINGAPORE) as an Executive Committee member because she believes that eradicating poverty is one of the key steps to ensuring that basic human needs and human rights are achieved worldwide.


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