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1 in 10 Singaporeans are unable to meet basic needs in the form of food, clothing, shelter and other essential expenditures. The $10 Campaign alleviates poverty in Singapore through a two-prong approach:

1) Emergency fund

50% of your donation will support an emergency fund where proceeds are disbursed to low income individuals who urgently need help. The amount that each beneficiary receives depends on the assistance required. For example, the proceeds may be used to pay their utility bills, buy an Ezlink card, purchase food, etc.

ONE (SINGAPORE) will provide a report the recipients of the funds and how they are used.

2) Research & Advocacy efforts

The next 50% of your donation will support ONE (SINGAPORE)’s research & advocacy efforts. While the emergency fund provides short-term relief, long-term measures such as addressing policy issues are crucial to eradicating poverty in Singapore. Research is essential to identify the social and policy gaps and advocacy enables us to raise awareness and take action with our findings.

Learn more about ONE (SINGAPORE)’s advocacy campaign here.