ONE (SINGAPORE)’s Emergency Fund disburses money to assist low-income individuals and families in Singapore who urgently need help. The fund was established to help individuals who need assistance, but cannot find it elsewhere, or cannot obtain it in time. Emergency funds are used to pay a utility bill, buy an EZ-link card, purchase prescription spectacles, and provide other types of support.

Here are just a few of the beneficiary stories:

Fighting Bed Bugs

June stays in a 2-room rental block with six other family members. The family depends on her income, as well as that of her father, to meet daily needs. When their bed and mattress became infected with bedbugs, they disposed of the old bed. But they did not have money to buy a new set. Thanks to the Emergency Fund, June and her family are sleeping comfortably again.

New Spectacles

Chloe and her husband live in a subsidised one-room rental flat. Neither she nor her husband can work due to mental health ailments. Chloe’s spectacles broke, and she did not have money to replace them. Emergency Funds were used to buy Chloe new glasses so she can help her husband around the house.


The lock on the front door of Vanessa’s home would no longer open. The only way to get into the flat was to break the lock. Vanessa’s husband works, but the family didn’t have enough disposable income to pay a locksmith $190. At the same time, they were scared to leave the house with the door unlocked, so Vanessa stopped going out. Thanks to Emergency Fund assistance, the family’s home is secure again.


1. How can I help?

Donate to ONE (SINGAPORE)’s $10 Campaign, which derives its name from the fact that at least 1 in 10 Singaporeans live in poverty and do not have the means to make ends meet every month. Proceeds are used to provide direct assistance to our neighbours-in-need, as well as for research and advocacy to create long-term solutions to ensure that everyone in our nation can live with dignity. $10 Campaign proceeds are split evenly to support these two goals.

2. I know someone who needs assistance. Can you help?

ONE (SINGAPORE) welcomes new partners – including schools, grassroots organisations and family service centres – to refer cases for assistance. We also welcome direct requests, supported by references. Please fill out the Emergency Fund Request Form and email it to us.

The names in the beneficiary stories above have been changed to protect recipients’ privacy.