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What does Poverty mean in Singapore? – Archived Broadcast

ONE (SINGAPORE) organised a panel discussion “What does poverty mean in Singapore?” at Singapore Polytechnic on Wednesday, 12 August to discuss local poverty and food issues. Listen to an archived broadcast of the discussion using the player below or at

ONE (SINGAPORE) organised a panel discussion

Poverty No More (Season 1) – Audio Archive

In each episode of “Poverty No More”, we explore issues related to the campaign to Make Poverty History. Join us as we take a closer look at the Millennium Development Goals, meet inspiring people and share ways that listeners can take action. Click here for broadcast times and additional resources and check out the links below to listen to programme archives:

Episode 02 : MDG#1 – Ending Hunger (Int’l)
Episode 03 : Robin Hood Tax
Episode 04 : Local Actions
Episode 05 : The Cuff Road Project – Migrant Workers #1
Episode 06 : The Cuff Road Project – Migrant Workers #2
Episode 07 : MDG #6 – Fighting HIV/AIDS
Episode 08 : MDG #6 – Fighting Malaria
Episode 09 : Social Enterprises and Fair Trade
Episode 10 : Buy ONE, Give ONE
Episode 11 : Climate Change, Hunger and Meat Consumption
Episode 12 : MDG #7 – Life without a Toilet
Episode 13 : Homelessness – Part 1
Episode 14 : Homelessness – Part 2
Episode 15 : MDG #3 – Overview
Episode 16 : MDG #3 – Story of Sisani Ngubane
Episode 17 : MDG #4 – Child Mortality
Episode 18 : MDG #5 – Maternal Health

(Note: Episode 01 was not broadcast on schedule. We will update this site with the recording when it is available. Archived copies are added to the website on a monthly basis.)

Poverty No More – Episode 25 – 10-10-10

Episode #25

(25 September 2010)

On 10/10/10, people across the globe will celebrate climate solutions and send world leaders a clear message: “We’re getting to work—what about you?”  On the Saturday episode of “Poverty No More” we take a closer look at man-made climate change.  Have a listen and be sure to join us on 10-10-10 at Bottle Tree Park for a climate carnival.



Poverty No More – Episodes 23 & 24 – Stand Up Take Action Against Poverty

Episodes #23 and #24

(18-19 September 2010)
This week on Poverty No More, it’s time to STAND UP and TAKE ACTION. 17 – 19 September are the dates for the world’s largest social mobilisation, Stand Up Take Action Against Poverty. On Saturday, we’ll take the Stand Up pledge together; on Sunday, we’ll take a closer look at why 173 million people have raised their voices, asking world leaders to honour their commitments to end poverty.

Official Stand Up website:
Facebook group

Stand Up Pledge
We stand here proudly as members of the generation that intends to defeat extreme poverty and restore balace to the environment.
To the leaders of the world, we say:
Be great. Fight to keep your promises. Combat extreme poverty. Create fair economic and financial systems. Be transparent and accountable.
You know what needs to be done. Do it.
Act now to meet and exceed the Millennium Development Goals.
Adopt a global climate deal that is ambitious, fair and binding
We will Stand Up not just today, but EVERY DAY to demand what’s right.
The Millennium Development Goals were signed IN MY NAME.
Each of us has a responsibility.
Each of us can make a difference.
We are six billion voices.
End Poverty and Inequality Now!”

Poverty No More – Episodes 21 & 22 – MDG #8 Debt and Aid

Episodes #21 and #22

(11-12 September 2010)

Regular listeners of this series know that 10 years ago, world governments signed on to a plan to halve extreme poverty by 2015 and eliminate it altogether by 2025. They set out eight Millennium Development Goals. The first seven goals focus on actions that need to be taken in poverty-stricken areas – ending hunger, universal access to education, improved sanitation, clean water and more. Goal #8, though – a call for a Global Partnership for Development – is different. This goal focuses on actions that need to be taken by rich countries. This week on Poverty No More, we take a look at two such actions that could make a world of difference for low-income communities – canceling old debts and providing more and better aid.



The ONE – USA website has several pages with useful resources on these topics, including:

Tell world leaders that you care:  Stand Up and Take Action Against Poverty!

Poverty No More – Episodes 19 & 20 – MDG #1 and MDG #2

Episodes #19 and #20

(4-5 September 2010)

This week on “Poverty No More”, we focus on two key elements of the Millennium Development Goals: fighting hunger and promoting universal education. In Episode 19, we examine hunger in the local community . . . as well as organisations that are working with people and families in need. In Episode 20, we look at the links between education and development. We also share ways in which you can make a difference.


Organisations Focused on Local Hunger:

If you know someone who needs assistance, refer them to a local charity or call the Comcare Hotline at 1-800-222-0000.

Volunteer Opportunity: Collect unsold bread from bakeries and deliver it to welfare centres and families in need. ContactFood from the Heart.

And on Saturday 16 October, please join ONE (SINGAPORE) for our third “Every ONE Can” charity warehouse sale at FoodXervices and go shopping for a cause!  Buy food at wholesale prices and below. You can shop for your family and friends, but first, please buy a food basket for our neighbors in need. Proceeds will be distributed by the Evercare Welfare Centre.



Organisations Making a Difference


Research for Episode 20 was contributed by ShuQi Liu.

Poverty No More – Episodes 17 & 18 – Child & Maternal Health

Episodes #17 and #18

(28-29 August 2010)

Singapore tops the the world child health charts. But no matter where a child is born, she should face the same odds as a Singaporean baby. 99.8 percent of Singaporean babies smile and blow out the candles on their fifth birthday. Not so in many other countries. Similarly, Singaporean women receive excellent health care while pregnant and when in labour. Elsewhere, a woman dies in child birth every minute. No woman should die while giving birth. This week on Poverty No More, we take a closer look at MDGs #4 and #5, Child and Maternal Health.


Episode 17 : MDG #4 – Child Mortality
Episode 18 : MDG #5 – Maternal Health



Articles and Media Releases

Organisations Making a Difference

Movies and Videos

Research for Episode 17 was contributed by ShuQi Liu.

Poverty No More – Episodes 15 & 16 – MDG#3: Gender Equity

Episodes #15 and #16

(21-22 August 2010)

This week on “Poverty No More”, we take a look at MDG#3, Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women.  Poverty, more often than not, has a feminine face.  Gender equity needs to underpin each of the Millennium Development Goals for us to succeed.  Episode #15 provides an overview of the MDG #3 targets as well as some successes and groups working on the issue.  In Episode #16, we profile a woman who is making a huge difference in her community.


Episode 15 : MDG #3 – Overview

Episode 16 : MDG #3 – Story of Sisani Ngubane



Learn more about Sizane Ngubane and the Rural Women’s Movement in South Africa:

Organisations Making a Difference

Poverty No More – Episodes 13 & 14 – Homelessness

Episodes #13 and #14

(14-15 August 2010)

This week on “Poverty No More”, we turn our attention to homelessness. We may not see it every day, but there are families living amongst us who do not have a home to go to at night. Some sleep on void decks or at the beach, others bounce from one friend or relative’s place to another. There’s no single reason why someone loses their home. It could be because of a lost job, family issues or even a pregnancy. Join us as we share the stories of several homeless people as well as information about agencies that can assist.


Episode 13 : Homelessness – Part 1

Episode 14 : Homelessness – Part 2


There are currently two homeless shelters in Singapore –  New Hope Community Services and Lakeside Family Centre.  A third shelter should open soon.

Where to call in an emergency?

  • Comcare Hotline 1–800-222-0000
  • Family Service Centre Hotline 1–800–838–0100

More Resources – Organisations that can help

Stories referred to in the programme

Media Coverage

There have been a number of articles in the mainstream and online media about homelessness.  Here are just a few:

Poverty No More – Episodes 11 & 12 – Cows and Toilets

Episodes #11 and #12

(7 -8 August 2010)

This week on “Poverty No More”, we take a look at MDG #7 – Ensuring Environmental Sustainability – from two angles.

First, we look at links between climate change, hunger . . . and eating meat. Cows and pigs are one of the biggest contributors to global warming, more so even than cars. Modern meat production meanwhile is also an inefficient use of fuel, grain and water . . . which could exacerbate food crises. So, what can you do? Go vegetarian . . . or at least reduce your consumption of meat.

In our second episode this week, we ask you to imagine life without toilets. Unfortunately, 2.5 billion people don’t need to imagine this – it’s their daily reality.


Episode 11 : Climate Change, Hunger and Meat Consumption

Episode 12 : MDG #7 – Life without a Toilet

RESOURCES – Vegetarianism, Hunger & the Environment

The Guardian has run a series of articles on the subject, including:

More about the UN Report linking meat consumption to man-made climate change:

About the “Meat Free Mondays” Campaign:

And if you’d like to meet more about vegetarianism or just meet and mingle with some vegetarians, check out theVegetarian Society (Singapore), Singapore Vegetarian Meetup Group, Veggie Singles and the magazine VegVibe.  The Vegetarian Society also has a list of 500+ vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.

RESOURCES – Sanitation and Toilets

The best resource in town is a locally-grown international non-profit group — the World Toilet Organisation.  The WTO’s site has more info as well about World Toilet Day and The Big Squat.