International migration

  • There are 244 million international migrants worldwide, making up more than 3% of global population54
  • Migrants from developing countries contributing to an estimated US$436 billion remittances, exceeding development assistance and foreign direct investments (excluding China)55.

Forced displacement

  • Due to violent conflict, 65.3 million people have been forcibly displaced. This equates to 34,000 people being displaced every day. These are the highest levels of displacement on record56.
  • Among them, 21.3 million are refugees, with more than 50% under the age of 1857.
  • There are also 10 million people who are stateless58. They are denied citizenship and basic rights – including access to healthcare, education, employment and freedom to observe their own religion – and their movements severely restricted.

Human trafficking

  • More than 21 million people are “trapped in jobs into which they were coerced or deceived”59
  • Human trafficking generates more than US$150 billion annually
  • 79% of those trafficked are forced to work in the sex industry, most of them are women and girls60
  • Forced labour makes up the second largest group of those trafficked (18%)61

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