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Stop Human Trafficking!

At any given moment, 2.5 MILLION PEOPLE are victims of trafficking working as forced labour. Most are between the ages of 18 – 24. Almost all experience physical or sexual violence. More than 40% are forced to work in the sex industry. Estimated annual profits made from trafficking in Asia are US$10 billion. Human Trafficking occurs in Singapore every day. But, in 2012, the Singapore government implements a new National Plan of Action to combat this modern form of slavery.

Stop Human Trafficking – Business Leader Award 2012

Corporate sector engagement is crucial to the campaign to end human trafficking. Learn more about this UN sponsored business leader’s award. The Singapore government is also asking for your company’s support. Join a Minister of State as well as senior-level executives from The Body Shop, Google, Microsoft, MTV Exit and civil society representatives in a frank discussion about how to end this evil.

Bridget Tan
Founder and President, H.O.M.E
Bridget Tan
A frail and skinny young Sri Lanka girl traumatised by gang rape from night to night in a locked hotel room is perhaps my reason for being so outraged. The stories and documentaries of the bodies of women and girls ‘sold and bought’ to be violated have fuelled my passion to dedicate my life to end modern day slavery in whatever form.

Braema Mathi
Former President, AWARE
Braema Mathi
How are we talking about the issue of human trafficking?  When a woman shares a story of being duped by a promise of quick money in Singapore, only to be forced into the sex trade, do we ask ‘how could she have been so blind?  As individuals we need to suspend judgement of the victims.

Rachel Chhoa-Howard
Singapore Institute of Int’l Affairs
Rachel Chhoa-Howard
Singapore is at a turning point. The Trafficking in Persons Inter-agency Taskforce appears committed to its mandate, but campaigners need to continue pressing to ensure that victims’ rights are placed at the centre of all action.

How do we stop human trafficking?
How do we stop human
No one should be subjected to the brutality of trafficking, much less because of poverty, writes ShuQi Liu. Yet states appear to give a higher priority to drugs and wildlife smuggling, not to mention media piracy, than human trafficking. And here in Singapore, trafficking victims – who often do not have access to their own passports, much less the freedom to leave their place of ‘work’ – are caned and jailed for overstaying their visas.

Pia Charlotte Bruce
Exec. Director, UN Women Singapore
Pia Charlotte Bruce
Singapore is primarily a destination for traffickers to send their victims, not a place of transit or a source country, though Singaporeans travelling outside the country do engage in sexual activity with women and girls who are trafficked. UN Women Singapore has been campaigning against child sex tourism and sex trafficking for almost a decade. Here’s how. (article coming soon)

National Plan of Action and
Civil Society Feedback
National Plan of Action

The government pledges to take a 4Ps approach: Prevention, Prosecution, Protection & Partnership.
Speech by Minister of State Tan Chuan-Jin

NPA is a positive first step.  Now, we need to adopt the international definition of trafficking and put in place interim measures to protect trafficking victims.
Joint Civil Society Statement.


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